Nemaura Medical arm patch

The global total addressable market for CGM is estimated at $82 billion per annum, consisting of $12.7 billion for Type 1 insulin users (5% of diabetes), $38.0 billion for Type 2 insulin users (15% of diabetes) and $31.4 billion for Type 2 non-insulin users (80% of diabetes). These numbers exclude the prediabetes population which is estimated at nearly three times as large as the diabetes population.

CGMs currently have low adoption rates amongst insulin users (negligible use amongst noninsulin users) and is growing rapidly. The U.S. is the largest market with estimated 2.6% (630,000 users) penetration of diagnosed diabetic market (24.6M), representing annual growth of 117% over 2017 (290,000 users). Given sugarBEAT® is non-invasive, affordable and flexible, it is expected to have wider appeal to non-insulin using diabetics, prediabetics and a section of insulin users who dislike competitor CGMs (Abbott, Dexcom and Senseonics) due to their invasiveness, higher cost and inflexibility.

  • sugarBEAT® commercially launched in UK; near-term Europeanlaunch
    • CE approved in May 2019; first phase of commercial launch began in Q4 2019
    • Licensee agreement with Dallas Burston Ethitronix Limited (DBE) to market sugarBEAT® throughout UK and Ireland
    • FDA application submitted (July 2019); US approval and launch expected by end of 2020

  • Disrupting the multi-billion-dollar glucose trending and diabetes management space
    • sugarBEAT® is a flexible CGM which can be worn for a single day at a time, with no commitment to wear the device continuously for 10 -14 days as is the case with other CGMs, making it unlikely that the daily cost-of-use can be matched by competitors
    • sugarBEAT® empowers glucose trend data over the course of the day, with measurements recorded every 5 minutes; replaces point-in-time finger-stick measurements which provide very little and often misleading information

  • Attractive economics
    • Lowest COGS per CGM patch in the industry
    • Recurring high-margin revenue model

  • Upcoming R&D pipeline
    • Launching continuous lactate monitoring (CLM) near term; $60B+ market
    • Four additional products in development using BEAT platform, including noninvasive alcohol monitoring (CAM)

  • Proven and experienced management team
    • Dr. Faz Chowdhury, CEO - Sole inventor on 50+ granted and pending patents across 15+ tech platforms within the medical device and pharma sectors
    • Bashir Timol, CBO - Co-founded, managed & funded multiple biotech / health companies